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Sustainable architecture is responsible architecture. And at Burt Hill/Pollock Krieg, we take our responsibility seriously. We work hard to ensure our projects serve our clients, our community, and the environment by incorporating real solutions for sustainable construction, energy savings, and landscape management in everything we do.

We approach each project as an opportunity to enhance building, environmental, organizational, and human performance, mindful that actions and decisions made today serve future generations and the world around us. It is important to us to save energy, use fewer resources, reduce pollution, and contribute to healthier environments for our buildings’ occupants and the surrounding community.
Utilizing environmentally conscious design techniques and following LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) principles we can minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings by enhancing efficiency in the use of materials, energy, and development space.

Whether tried-and-true or boldly innovative, our solutions are designed to advance the field of sustainable, responsible architecture. By designing responsibly and using our talents creatively, we can maximize the benefits of our projects while minimizing negative impacts on the environment.
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